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baton rouge's live music calendar

since 2014

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Showtimes are approximate. All event dates and times are subject to change.

All shows listed are within a 25 mile radius from the center of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Want your shows on the calendar? Just email us at

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Local Live Recordings

Recordings by FourLeafAudio LLC

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Jonathon lONG live at mid city ballroom

Sweet Crude

Sweet Crude Recorded Live by FourLeafAudio LLC


The Magic Word Recorded Live by FourLeafAudio LLC


Chris LeBlanc Recorded Live by FourLeafAudio LLC


Andrew Duhon & Julie Odell Recorded Live by FourLeafAudio LLC
Image by Michael Bayes


Red Stick Spotlight - An interview series focusing on the people in our local live music community.

Dave Duplissey & Peggy Polk

irma thomas

Duplissey Interview Thumbnail

Little Freddie King

Little Freddie King Interview with Red Stick Music

David Torns

David Torns Interview with Red Stick Music

Leanne Clement

Leanne Clement Interview with Red Stick Music

Mike Shepherd

Mike Shepherd Interview with Red Stick Music

Julie Odell

Julie Odell Interview with Red Stick Music
Image by Sincerely Media


LocaL Organizations

Booking Resources


Baton Rouge Tourism Center

Visit Baton Rouge


Event Blog on Baton Rouge
Red Stick Life


Music Arts Organizations in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra


Baton Rouge Concert Band


Baton Rouge Jazz Ensemble


Cajun French Music Association


Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra


Louisiana Sinfonietta


Opera Louisiane


Louisiana Music Hall of Fame

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Venue Map

Venue Map Baton Rouge Live Music


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Red Stick Music is Baton Rouge, Louisiana's Live Music Calendar. We've been supporting and promoting our local music community non-stop since 2014.


Our online calendar here at is updated daily and provides clickable links to artists, musicians and venues.


Our calendar is hand compiled from over 100 information sources in addition to email submissions from artists & venues, and covers everything we can find within a 25 miles radius of the center of Baton Rouge.


Red Stick Music was launched fall of 2014 and our goal is to promote our local live music community in Baton Rouge and South Louisiana and see it thrive.


Red Stick Music is owned and operated by Christopher and Caitlen Odell, audio engineers and owners of FourLeafAudio LLC.

Their expertise and passion lies in live music recording.


All content on is directly managed by FourLeafAudio LLC.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more info!

About The Owners

We’re Christopher and Caitlen Odell and we started FourLeafAudio LLC in 2010. It’s our goal to shed some light on the music culture and scene of south Louisiana. It’s so vibrant and rich, and not enough people are seeing it. We want to change that, with FourLeafAudio and Red Stick Music.


We met while waiting tables at a small family restaurant in Baton Rouge through college. Our love of music led both of us to pursue audio production.